21 Oct 2014


I`m the type of person who daydreams the perfect home every time I chance upon being in a home depot (if not most of the time). From the living room to the bedroom to the shower and bath, I would want a minimalist type of home especially for my bathroom. I imagine it to be of silver, black and white only.. And with Beddinginn, my imagination can come to life.

Fantastic High Quality Thermostatic Digital Display Square Shower Head Faucet

15 Oct 2014


Spent my Saturday, the 11th of October at the Blogapalooza 2014 held at the SMX, SM Aura! Blogapalooza is simply a blogger`s convention where businesses and bloggers come together to interact and make connections with each other.

Under the cut you`ll see more photos from the event and the beauty trunk (so chic) I won from a game! ;)

9 Oct 2014

What The Fug Happened?!


1. We just celebrated our 15th month anniversary and this is by far my favorite picture of us. Swagtastic. // 2. Guess what the color palette of that day was? I'm also loving my new deck of cards. // 3. Blade and chalice; yin and yang. Life needs balance but love, above all, is everything. // 4. Spent my day frolicking around BF ParaƱaque with my clique. The photo diary needs to be posted, asap. // 5. Latest sunnies to add to my collection! Thanks Banggood! // 6. Black Friday ootd // 7. My basic outfit for the days I feel lazy to think. // 8. Zark's Burgers at BF Par!! This burger is called the Jawbreaker. 3 patties, spam, cheese, bacon.. DAMN. Told you I need to post the photo diary soon! // 9. My daily makeup hehe so fancyyy

To tell you frankly, I have been feeling uninspired lately. Days and nights of staring at my computer screen having mental blocks are becoming frequent. I know I have copious amounts of backlogs to post and I feel genuinely disappointed that my promise to myself  of posting at least once a week isn`t going as planned. Yup, the so-called "writer`s block" is happening to me. 

On the other hand, I'`ll be at the Blogapalooza 2014 this Saturday, October 11th at SM Aura, BGC! So to my Philippine-based readers and co-bloggers, I hope to see you there! What's happening with your life these days? x

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25 Sep 2014

Dr. Martens Diaries PT. 4: HAT HEADS

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

In my opinion, the whole point of blogging is being heard about the things you truly care about. The day you decide to stop typing in your thoughts and taking photos of everyday subjects is the day you give up educating your readers and interacting with the world.
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