9 May 2014


As a woman nearing her twenties, used to be overweight, is a self-confessed bookworm, and was bullied throughout high school, I couldn`t agree more with this article. Hey, confidence is really sexy and I have to say every lady should know this.

I really am appalled when I hear my friends say they`re not pretty, sexy, hot or beautiful enough for the guy they like, the clothes they want and/or —believe me or not— their friends. The harsh truth is that we all can`t help but compare ourselves to other people but let me tell you that it isn`t healthy when you always do. Comparing is unavoidable but it really isn`t necessary because we all are different human beings. We have, know, and do things that other people don`t and they have things that we don`t. You may say that life is “unfair” just because someone has what you don`t. Hey, why don`t we all just look at the good things we have and stop frowning at someone`s Instagram feed just because they recently went shopping and is having the “best weekend ever!! ☺” at this beach? My point is, we all have our highs and lows and whatever they are, it is what makes us unique. So what if you don`t have a thigh gap? So what if you failed math class this semester? So what if the guy you`ve been eyeing isn`t really talking to you? Learn from your experiences and mistakes. We can`t always get what we want but there is always a time for everything. If you feel so bad about yourself, you can always work with it. Make changes only because you`re doing it for yourself; not because you don`t want people to look at you like this or that. Do everything for yourself first and the rest will follow. Don`t get me wrong though, giving your all to anyone or anything isn`t really bad. Just know your limits. Do it because it`s your choice and not because you feel like you are obliged.

I don`t really believe that being sexy is all about your physical being. Sexy is a state of mind. The media portray skinny girls as the idea of beauty yet we all know we have something to feel good for. The only problem is that we are scared of judgments to be made by people who only know you through Facebook. We are so afraid to just be ourselves just because people may not like what we post and not hit the “Like” button. Remember, the number of likes on your photo does not determine who you are.

Popularity is not everything (it can actually be stressful). I remember starting my first blog solely because everyone had a Tumblr. It didn`t last long due to the fact that it wasn`t mainly my passion yet. Time passes and I believe I had received my calling. Keeping a blog is a bit tough, but now I do it because I want to. And I quote Gurkin from the movie Sydney White: “[Peoplespunisher.com] is not about being read; it`s about being written.” I always keep that in mind. Your passion isn`t always determined by how much attention you get from it but it should be how you execute it. Again, everything will follow.

I guess you`re wondering why I talked about blogging? I did because it`s my thing. It`s what makes me happy. It`s what makes me confident and sexy. It`s what I use to reach out to people. Ladies, and gentlemen if you`re reading this, always know that what you got is what you got yet there is always room for improvement but never, ever lose yourself. What media says what beauty is may not be beauty for you so keep it that way. We all have our quirks. Life ain`t easy but it`s worth helluva living. As Drake said, “Everybody dies but not everybody lives,” and living yours would be the sexiest thing you can do.


  1. Well written and put to words, i love this so much.

    1. Baby girl!!! Omg thank you for reading <3

  2. A lot of people don't address the issue of "sexy". I like your take on it and I completely agree!

    Sammi Sunshine
    A Food Blog

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  4. I agree completely! Confidence is the key to everything, and ultimately the key to happiness. To be able to love yourself and emit that vibe! Anyway, lovely post, amazing blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!


  5. The most beautiful thing a girl can wear is a confident smile!! ;)

    Much love, ANNIEPOP.COM xx

  6. Hi beautiful Jia,
    Amazing blog and lovely pic
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  7. Great post! I agree it is a state of mind. I've met and worked with clients who have had great figures and been really attractive but had no body confidence and didn't feel sexy at all!

    1. Yeah, I always make it a point to present myself in a confident manner :)

  8. I really like your take on this, it's really refreshing :) x

  9. great post! :) so mature for your age :) hey, i watched sydney white too! love that movie!


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