2 Dec 2014


Things have been really busy for me since the latter part of November. Like what I said in my previous post, I'm happy — I`m happy that I put stickers on my face everyday, lol and that I have new sunnies!
It`s either a resting bitch face or this, there is no in between.

Unicorn piss. Jewk. It`s just juice.
Wings! Chicken wings! Guess which one's mine?

I've been arranging dates with all my friends, plus my birthday is coming up 2 Sundays ahead! If you'll check my calendar, every weekend is already fully-booked. I honestly don`t know if I would complain or not since sometimes, I just want to stay at home and sleep. But who am I to turn down fun, right? 

Also, I have numerous writing gigs here and there currently so I'm sort of focusing on that more. Don`t worry though, I just bought a shitload of clothes that I`m super excited to style! I just wish I could update this blog as soon as possible as events come by.

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  1. Haha such a fun quirky look! Love it! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Always returning the support <3


  2. You had me at "either a resting bitch face or this". You are awesome. I love the look and, don't forget to blog birthday plans!


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