4 Mar 2014


Yes, 5 lines is never enough! There are just so many songs that have great, empowering, tear-jerker lyrics. You can say that this list is only the first edition.

Let`s start with his choices, shall we?

1. "I will bask in the blackness of my darkest days" — RIT by The Devil Wear Prada
2. "If the good die young then I will live forever" — Deliverance by The Air I Breathe
3. "False statements fall to the feet of dead gods" — Lord Xenu by The Devil Wears Prada
4. "So take this life and hold it for it's about to change, bleed out the coursing veins. Who will answer the call when it comes from within?" — Abrasumente by Northlane
5. "Find life in the consequence of discovery but there's still a mystery that blinds." Two Worlds of Design by Born of Osiris

1. "I`m a rough and tough; nothing`s gonna knock this girl down." — Settle Down by No Doubt
2. "Your time will come if you wait for it. It`s hard, believe me, I`ve tried." — Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons
3. "Nothing comes between me and my plans. I can`t live my life always backing down." — All Signs Point to Lauderdale by A Day To Remember
4. "Just cause you`re right, it doesn`t mean I`m wrong." — Best Of Me by A Day To Remember
5. "I love you so, but why I love you, I`ll never know." — I Love You So by Cassius

There you go! All these are what is commonly called "quotable quotes" (wtf) they`re good for tweeting actually! HAHA the song titles are all linked to their Youtube videos, btw so I hope you give them a listen! You can consider this post a playlist too ☺ and you can expect more of this next time.

Much love,

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