5 Mar 2014


 Obsessing over midis lately and my mum has won me over again by showing me more of her clothes and this button-up dirndl skirt`s one of them. I`ve never worn skirts or dresses as much before in my life and I`m brave enough to say that I was stupid not to like them. Maybe because I had serious weight issues. Losing heaps of pounds made me confident and comfortable with myself better. It also feels very very great that more clothes fit me now. I am proud to say that from double XLs, my size went down to mediums and even smalls! I get overly excited whenever I find out that the clothes I`m wearing these days have "small" on the label. high five

As for this ensemble, the top (Vivienne Tam)`s a gift from my relatives that just came back from the States. They know how to make me happy by bringing me back loads of clothes. I just wanted to balance  everything by sticking to just black and magenta.
 Vivienne Tam top/dirndl skirt from mum/Doc Martens boots/Lady Rustan`s handbag/Higad earrings by Elan Bijoux/Covington cropped jacket

Higad earrings by Elan Bijoux!

Much love,


  1. You look lovely!
    Love that coat! :)
    Glitter And Blush
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  2. I love your outfit! The skirt is gorgeous and you look great.


  3. Love that purple coat, you look so pretty x



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