12 Aug 2014

Did Anybody Say "Discount"?!

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? I've recently collaborated with a fellow blogger for a look book on how to style your Dr. Martens and I can`t wait to show the photos to all of you! But that`s not the whole point of this post. Truth is, I`ve closed a sponsorship with Born Pretty Store and I`m ecstatic to announce that — drumroll, please!!..

You can now get a 10% discount off your purchases from Born Pretty Store!! How? Simply enter my discount code: RUZT10 upon checkout. 

Have you purchased anything from Born Pretty Store before? What do you think of it? Let me know! I`d love to hear your stories :)

(I swear, there are just so much in store for your viewing pleasure (excuse my arrogance) in the future of my blog and I can`t wait!)


  1. Yes, and im loving Born Pretty Store so much <3

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  2. Oh I like this shop!


  3. wow should try it later! Cool post!

  4. I've gotten a few products from Born Pretty before pero I was disappointed :( Ung hand chain glove nasira agad tapos ung lace glove w/ ring connector sira na when it arrived. Although maybe it got ruined during the shipment? Pero ang gaganda pa naman sana nung mga products.



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