1 Aug 2014


 Hi, loves! I`d like to thank everyone who joined my first giveaway in collaboration with Sugar For Spike and Urban Decay! (I`ve edited the post for the winners). I am now ecstatic to share with you guys that I am collaborating with a local brand, I AM BOLD, for another giveaway! Mechanics under the cut!! YAAAAAY but before everything else, who is I AM BOLD?

I AM BOLD Apparel is an independent clothing line based in the east side of the Metro. The clothing line was initially launched in August 2013 under the name I AM BOLD Shirts. Starting as an Instagram online shop that customizes shirts and other printables, we worked mostly on customer-requested designs. In a couple of months, I AM BOLD Shirts has gathered a following of more than a thousand strong. To date, our number is still growing.

In October 2013, I AM BOLD Apparel started putting up her own original designs. These were received positively, and with fantastic customer feedback. Deciding to finally become an all-original shop, I AM BOLD has definitely leveled up in the game. In November 2013, we relaunched under the name I AM BOLD Apparel. Apart from our initial shirt-and-print offerings, we now carry our own definitive collection of clothing and accessories.

1. Post a photo of yourself that fits the caption "One does not need to be naked to be bold." It doesn`t have to be you wearing something from IAB; any photo of yourself will do, as long as it fits the caption.
2. Post this photo on your social media accounts with the hashtag #NNBBgiveaway. Remember to save/copy the link to the post!
3. Enter the Rafflecopter widget and follow further instructions.

More photos means more chances of winning! Ready?

Good luck, everyone! xo


  1. OMG! I loveeeeee these <3 Will definitely join the giveaway!



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