11 Nov 2014

THE WITCHING HOUR + Banggood review

"Why are you wearing black? Don't you feel hot?" 

You know what? People get into other's business too much. My dear friends, there is a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying. I've talked about dressing up according to your desires here on the blog before but it just has to have a part two.
Sunnies from Banggood review under the cut! 

I believe I surf the internet excessively and I am pretty certain I share way too much information to my so-called "internet friends". Some will like you, and the others won't. It's normal. What's not normal is when people make fun of you for things you aren't directly reliable for. That, or they take things damn seriously.
Choker from Banggood
Taking a hiatus does not mean I'm giving up the fight; it only means I am done stooping down to people who barely understand what I'm trying to achieve with this blog. 

Don`t hate what you can`t understand. Us having different clothing choices does not mean you have the right to bash on anyone. Hell, that`s why it`s called personal style, right?
Oh, by the way, blogging is not as easy as it looks to be. Blogging takes passion and dedication to write even just one post. It isn't achieved in a single day. You have to think things through, select and post-process photos, write the perfect verses, curate your layout.. so it does piss me off when some say "Oh, she's just a blogger." if there`s one thing you need to know about blogging, it`s that it`s not all glitz and glamour. It takes a lot of patience and confidence to build a brand and set something that makes you distinct.
And to you who`s reading this, thank you. Whether you like what I said or not, thank you for taking the time to let my thoughts be heard. If you`re going through the same thing as me, keep your head up! I believe haters are there to test your strength and faith in yourself. Continue doing what you love because there are billions of humans in the world yet you still are unique than everyone else. Make every day worth while.

That got emotional, lol. In other news, I recently got these sunnies and choker from Banggood (along with other items which I`ll review next!). They`re my prized possessions as of current and they really turn heads whenever I`m wearing them. I got comments from strangers such as "those sunglasses are so badass!" along with the question of where did I purchase them. As for the choker, the yin yang is a very close symbol to me since I`m a believer of balance in life. I`m really glad Banggood has a tattoo choker with the yin yang pendant. And yes, this whole post — me just blurting out everything I want, is incorporated with how these products are: unique, rebellious, fun and entertaining.

As for the photos, these were taken about a month ago when my friends and I finally had the time to see each other! That burger you see up there is called a Jawbreaker — and I think it did break my jaw. I ate it for a good one hour! 

Hmm, I guess I'm running out of things to say now as I have already said my sentiments. I`ll just leave this quote here because it has changed my life ever since:

"People will stare; make it worth their while."

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  1. you rock girl! nice pictures btw :)


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  3. I love your outfit!!


  4. I love your sunglasses! How cool - oh and I love wearing all black too! :D

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  5. Love the Glasses! Your Outfit is so cool :)


  6. sunnies !!!


  7. The message of this post should be shared and read everywhere! Well done dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose by Valeria Arizzi

  8. ang cute naman ng glasses mo! super loving your style :)

    xoxo, rae

  9. That's one of my favorite quotes too! I loved this post, Jia! Amen, amen, amen to everything you said!!! Let the haters be. "Just" a blogger pala ha? Ha! I'd like to see them try to be one. Keep your head up <3


  10. Oh how cool are those glasses super edgy and funky, love them really an eye catcher!

    Much love xxx

  11. love the sunnies and hat !!

    Slumber Talk

  12. What you say is so true, I don't understand why some people just have the need to be mean about every little thing.
    You keep doing what you love :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

  13. Those sunglasses are killer. People often find it necessary to chime in with their opinions on YOU or ME or OTHERS instead of just focusing on bettering their own life. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  14. I liek your sunglasses! They're very special ones :)

    Autumn in Neverland

  15. great site! those are some pretty rad sunglasses



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