18 Nov 2014

BORNPRETTY REVIEW part 2: silver spiked necklace

Like what I said in my previous entry, BornPretty Store also sent me a silver statement necklace which I ought to style a different way since it does not match my choker and ear cuff for a grunge-gothic lewk.

You see, this is what my boyfriend makes me look in photos. but I`m still posting it.

Awkward yet I like it.
To be honest, I was not planning to pick this since I thought I wouldn't be able to style it as I was going for black accessories mostly. But mum insisted I get this one so I thought, "fine, what`s the worst thing that could happen?". I was wrong, all wrong. I loved it the moment I unwrapped it; I knew I had to pair this necklace with a button down the moment I laid my eyes on them. 

Layering is a part of my everyday get-up and I`ve been experimenting more and more with them. Of course, my tomboy style won`t falter. Soft denim button-down, khaki shorts, leatherette leggings and a leather bomber jacket — I'm a fan of texture after all.

You know, I got weird looks that day. Maybe it`s because of my layering choices or because it was pretty warm that day but I still wore a goddamned leather bomber. Or maybe it`s because of my bun! But heck, I know I loved what I wore and that`s what`s important, yes? Absolutely.

If you`re going to order anything off of BornPretty Store, don`t forget to use my code RUZT10 upon checkout to avail of a 10% discount! Neat, huh? 


  1. you look is sooo unique, i loove it!
    I would really appreciated, if we could follow each other on BL and GFC!
    Just started following you, Waiting for you to follow back :)
    xoxo Colli // my little blog - tobeyoutiful // Bloglovin'

  2. Nicole is right, you look so unique. I love the edgy vibe.. ;) Thanks for dropping by on my blog. ;)


  3. love the touch the necklace adds to the whole look (:
    mortem blonde

  4. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)


    participate and win one of two things!!!

  5. Such a gorgeous outfit again! Loving the monochrome combination!



  6. I loveeee that statement necklace, girl! <3 Ang cool ng dating. It's something I'd definitely wear! And yes, let us push through with out collab pleaseeee.


  7. Love your necklace girl! Bet ko din yung hairdo mo!

    Anyway, i am inviting you to join my giveaway here

  8. The Choker looks dope !! and your style is very Rad love it Ate Jia !!


  9. Super edgy outfit, nice! <3 Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always returning the support!


  10. Great edgy outfit! Beautiful necklace! =D

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  11. The choker's details are sooo cool, and I love how you styled your hair and make up! Your layering is my inspiration haha

    99 OUTFITS


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