28 Dec 2013

Fuck Thursdays, I`m Doing a Throwback: Bring Me The Horizon

© Pulp Live World
March 6th, 2013 was the most amazing day of my life. I met the band that made me a confessed fangirl, the band that made me open to more genres, the band that just made me gaga: Bring Me The Horizon.

I woke up at 8 in the morning that same day despite the meet and greet starting at 4 in the afternoon because I was just too excited to head on to SM North Edsa`s Skydome where the meet and greet and concert would be held.

I made them this box the day before of the concert for the fans to put their letters, souvenirs and just about any knick knack they want to give the band. During the day, I went around the venue to collect their beloved gifts. The moment I was next in line to meet them, Jordan (keyboards/tech) and Matt Nicholls (drums) already noticed my package saying "Oh! That`s a very lovely shoe box!". butterflies. When I finally met them, I handed them the box and they were all like "Thank you! That`s so sweet!" and "We love it!" which I think was half-genuine and half-surprised. I also handed them those signs that read "ALL HAIL THE BMTH QUEEN", as seen in first photo, because well, I wanted my meet and greet photo to be memorable. And of course, people already call me the BMTH Queen for starting the Philippine street team and obviously knowing that I am an obsessed fangirl (yeah, I know). 

So that`s me, crying after the meet and greet taken by my good friend and non-biological son, Kyle. I look like shit, yes?? My emotions were overflowing with extreme joy and the fact that I finally met them, and hugged them, and made conversations with them. Oh god, I miss this. There`s just not enough words to describe how I felt before, during, and after the concert (even though I lost my iPhone). 
My street team buddies Niko and Kyle
© My friend Che`s Twitter 
A friend of ours gave this to Jordan the next day and she said he placed it in his bag. flails Thanks so much, Che!!

And behold, the BMTH wall in my room! Most posters and clippings are from Kerrang! Magazine and some from Pulp Live World. This is what you would see upon entering my room. 

There, that`s my addiction to Bring Me The Horizon. They`re just the only band I`ve been this addicted to. I miss them to bits and this coming March 6th, 2014, it would be a year since they had a show in Manila. I love how they were tweeting and posting photos on their Instagram accounts about how much they were enjoying the Philippines. My fingers are crossed for Pulp to bring them back for a set in the Summer Slam, if not another solo concert. I miss you Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish, Matt Nicholls, Matt Kean and Lee Malia. Having a 3-day long post-concert body ache was all worth it after moshing non-stop to your great music. 
Much love, 

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