29 Dec 2013

To Smile or Not to Smile?

Yeah, I have habits in pictures where it`s not my thing to smile.

It`s just that, I think smiling in outfit shots look.. girly? I don`t really know. I have a weird sense of thinking.

I got that oriental bomber jacket from a thrift shop. Story time! My mum and I were in my family friend`s house and I went outside for a while because I was with my dog. I noticed that there was a thrift store just across the street and decided to take a look. I immediately saw that jacket, and thinking it was a bit pricey, I hesitated to ask how much it is. I kept looking around for other stuff but I couldn`t take that jacket off my mind. Upon discovering that it was just 40 bucks, I rushed back to where my mum is and immediately told her. We both agreed it was a total steal! Since my birthday was coming up that time, my mum`s friend said she`s just buy it for me as a birthday gift. My grin was from ear to ear as I wasn`t expecting I`ll be having new clothes that day.

I decided to pair that bomber jacket with my black shift dress and a bronze cropped shirt with a silver lady bug locket watch and a pair of my favorite Vans with the ankle-high socks of course! To top it off, I trusted my flip-up Ray Bans for that.

Much love,

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