27 Dec 2013

The Newsboy Series

I got these new loafers from Hush Puppies from my uncle so as usual, I found a couple of ways to style them, collectively called "The Newsboy Series" just because I feel like a newsboy hence my color palette and my newsboy cap. 

I`ve always treasured my old Polaroid and it`s been, so far, the best props I could use in photos.

I wore these two outfits the day after the other and as much as I want to wear another ensemble like that for the third day, I got blisters on my feet from walking too much, unfortunately. 

I love looks like these, just laid back but still classy. Just so you know, I am definitely not a heels person so you may see me wearing a lot of sneakers and boots and just flat shoes all the time (although I hate ballet flats).

Just like Preview Magazine, I hope I inspired you to come up with more playful looks!

Much love,

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