27 Dec 2013


Hello, Blogger! I finally remade a new blog to write about my not-so everyday life — my style, my feelings, the happenings. I've been busy all 2013 long, with a new job, more friends, a new love, and everything in between that I really don't have the time to sit down in front of the computer and type up everything I want. I log in to Twitter, Facebook, Lookbook, and Tumblr everyday though to check on the latest updates and to also update my friends and followers on what`s happening with me. That`s just it. Now, I have decided I`ll go back to the new-age notebook of a diary: the online blog.

I`ll try my very best to update this, more often than not and try not to bore you. Thank you for being here and I hope we could be friends (for real)!

Much love, 

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