28 Dec 2013

Hat Collection 2013

So far, I have 15 hats that I usually wear. These hats just give an extra oomph to my outfit and I never imagined that my hat "collection" would grow. It started when I was young — around 7 when my mum bought me this pink Barbie beanie and everyone just said hats look good on me — and now, it`s essential to me.
1st row: Giordano baseball cap in red, Her Bench baseball cap in pink, Museum of Modern Art Guitar Heroes baseball cap, Folded and Hung aztec-printed cricket cap, a cowboy hat from my grandfather.
2nd row: Alieniverse skully, thrifted bonnet, white bucket hat, Aussie Love bobble hat, Roca Wear beanie.
3rd row: newsboy cap in navy, purple beret, a suede Balmoral in navy, newsboy cap in grey, and a suede pork pie hat in black.

I try to wear hats as much as possible especially on lazy days when I just don`t feel like dressing up that much. They complete my outfits and I love that they are one of a kind when I buy them. 
It`s already my hobby now to find for unique headwears that I could match to any outfit that`s why I usually go for neutral colors. Hoping that this would grow this following year, I keep a keen eye on thrift stores and new boutiques I find wherever. Sometimes, the most unusual places have the best products. How about you, do you collect anything?
Much love,

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