29 Jun 2014


Last night, I went to iAcademy`s party to kickoff the year: Lucid Riot. The whole venue had numerous booths, all amongst neon and black lights, illuminating every urbanite`s colorful outfits. There were several performances by their music org, a couple of dance troupes (which in my shame, forgot their names. I`m sorry.) and Barriers. More photos under the cut!

27 Jun 2014


Being together for almost a year (we`re celebrating our first anniversary on July 6th!) has led me to believe that I completely understand how musicians — or at least my boyfriend — think. So I wrote this in the hopes of having it published in an online magazine but luck isn`t on my side that time. I now decided to share this with you, and maybe, I`ll share what he wrote about what`s it like dating a fashionphile with you too in the following days. Apparently, the man enjoys doing lists and activities that make us realize how much we know and love each other. Hence, the hashtag and blog section #NSOCTuesdays was born. And being the sharer between us two, I get the responsibility of being the poster of all our crazy antics and euphoric shenanigans.

On the other side of the spectrum, I just revamped my blog design!! I`ve been meaning to redesign this for quite a while now but time did not permit until today came and I had a rather slow day at work which left me all bored and browsing sites. I stumbled upon Kylie Jenner`s Tumblr and I knew instantly how I would want my blog to look like. Any thoughts on it? I`d love to hear your feedback!

17 Jun 2014


How about some patches overload for you?? I should have placed "BUSY" all over my face as it is very appropriate for my life right now. 

A friend said I looked like a hispanic gangster from the 90s to which I replied "Can I pass as a Montague now??" Romeo + Juliet will forever be a rad movie on my list and yes, I want pink hair too. Anywaaaaaay, chopped off the sleeves of this polo as I`ve always wanted a vest like this. Double button down style is totez in my book right now. How about you, what`s your fashion thang these days?

8 Jun 2014


Haven't worn this quilted neoprene vest in a long time. Since neoprene is so in right now, might as well take a shot on the trend along with my newly found sandals and khaki shorts. A relaxed outfit for a relaxed day.

As usual, my every day has been really busy that I`m only able to update this weekly. Kinda rhymes, huh? How`s it going for you? I`d love to hear your stories!

1 Jun 2014


Finally, finally, FINALLY back!! I have been itching to update this little world of mine but things have been hectic for me. I`ve been going places back and forth, running errands here and there, attending events everywhere (although I`ve turned down opportunities :'() and my boyfriend recently had his birthday week which was oh-so great! Did I mention my flash drive was being a little bitch? My files were nowhere to be found unless I attached my drive to my boyfriend`s laptop. Talk about being clingy.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to a gig and boy, May 22 will forever be remembered as an insanely fun day. Happy anniversary to Saving The Dying Hope aka everybody`s favorite band!! ☺and below is a photo taken by street photographer Bene Arcayan while I was walking along Ayala on the way to said gig. Moral lesson: always look your best wherever you go because you don`t know when the camera`s pointing at you ;)

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