28 Nov 2014

On Love and Satisfaction

There comes a point in your life where you stop and say, "I`m starting to be contented with my life right now. There`s always room for improvement but I`m happy."

19 Nov 2014

Cyber Monday Deals at Beddinginn

I`m pretty certain most of you are familiar with the Black Friday craze that is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But at Beddinginn, your shopping can be extended up to, what they call, Cyber Monday.

Beddinginn offers the best Cyber Monday deals for varieties of exquisite household items. specifically 3D bedding sets, bathroom accessories and Cyber Monday Wall Art decors.

13 Nov 2014


BornPretty Store gave me the opportunity to choose accessories from them to model and review and oh boy, I had a hard time selecting my pieces yet it all boiled down to necklaces and an ear cuff. Find out more below the cut!

11 Nov 2014

THE WITCHING HOUR + Banggood review

"Why are you wearing black? Don't you feel hot?" 

You know what? People get into other's business too much. My dear friends, there is a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying. I've talked about dressing up according to your desires here on the blog before but it just has to have a part two.
Sunnies from Banggood review under the cut! 

2 Nov 2014

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