31 Dec 2013

Am I feminine yet?

December 24th, Christmas eve. I got the skater skirt , the vintage watch, and the black on black slip-ons from a bazaar held annually in our city. The bag`s a gift from my mum that I begged of her to give me earlier so that I can use it. My mum just couldn`t resist me. This is an ensemble I wore to a date with my love, and the following Christmas Ever dinner. I was just too lazy to change outfits all in one day since the hype of new clothes always want me to wear them over and over again.

Much love,

29 Dec 2013

To Smile or Not to Smile?

Yeah, I have habits in pictures where it`s not my thing to smile.

It`s just that, I think smiling in outfit shots look.. girly? I don`t really know. I have a weird sense of thinking.

I got that oriental bomber jacket from a thrift shop. Story time! My mum and I were in my family friend`s house and I went outside for a while because I was with my dog. I noticed that there was a thrift store just across the street and decided to take a look. I immediately saw that jacket, and thinking it was a bit pricey, I hesitated to ask how much it is. I kept looking around for other stuff but I couldn`t take that jacket off my mind. Upon discovering that it was just 40 bucks, I rushed back to where my mum is and immediately told her. We both agreed it was a total steal! Since my birthday was coming up that time, my mum`s friend said she`s just buy it for me as a birthday gift. My grin was from ear to ear as I wasn`t expecting I`ll be having new clothes that day.

I decided to pair that bomber jacket with my black shift dress and a bronze cropped shirt with a silver lady bug locket watch and a pair of my favorite Vans with the ankle-high socks of course! To top it off, I trusted my flip-up Ray Bans for that.

Much love,

Selfie Overload

This is another throwback from 3 weeks ago, the last time I saw my best of friends. My friend Rani had her new Sony XPeria ZL and as usual, we took selfies only realizing the camera was perfect!

Trigger Warning:

Tretch and Rani

with Michaela.
We love the camera, really sorry.

Nothing really special that night. We just wanted to catch up on things. Well, that day was Michaela`s film exhibit/fund raiser for Yolanda survivors. As you may know, she`s a film student at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. They`re collectively called Otso Productions.

Apologies for our faces.

Much love,

© Photos from Rani Verano

28 Dec 2013

Fuck Thursdays, I`m Doing a Throwback: Bring Me The Horizon

© Pulp Live World
March 6th, 2013 was the most amazing day of my life. I met the band that made me a confessed fangirl, the band that made me open to more genres, the band that just made me gaga: Bring Me The Horizon.

I woke up at 8 in the morning that same day despite the meet and greet starting at 4 in the afternoon because I was just too excited to head on to SM North Edsa`s Skydome where the meet and greet and concert would be held.

I made them this box the day before of the concert for the fans to put their letters, souvenirs and just about any knick knack they want to give the band. During the day, I went around the venue to collect their beloved gifts. The moment I was next in line to meet them, Jordan (keyboards/tech) and Matt Nicholls (drums) already noticed my package saying "Oh! That`s a very lovely shoe box!". butterflies. When I finally met them, I handed them the box and they were all like "Thank you! That`s so sweet!" and "We love it!" which I think was half-genuine and half-surprised. I also handed them those signs that read "ALL HAIL THE BMTH QUEEN", as seen in first photo, because well, I wanted my meet and greet photo to be memorable. And of course, people already call me the BMTH Queen for starting the Philippine street team and obviously knowing that I am an obsessed fangirl (yeah, I know). 

So that`s me, crying after the meet and greet taken by my good friend and non-biological son, Kyle. I look like shit, yes?? My emotions were overflowing with extreme joy and the fact that I finally met them, and hugged them, and made conversations with them. Oh god, I miss this. There`s just not enough words to describe how I felt before, during, and after the concert (even though I lost my iPhone). 
My street team buddies Niko and Kyle
© My friend Che`s Twitter 
A friend of ours gave this to Jordan the next day and she said he placed it in his bag. flails Thanks so much, Che!!

And behold, the BMTH wall in my room! Most posters and clippings are from Kerrang! Magazine and some from Pulp Live World. This is what you would see upon entering my room. 

There, that`s my addiction to Bring Me The Horizon. They`re just the only band I`ve been this addicted to. I miss them to bits and this coming March 6th, 2014, it would be a year since they had a show in Manila. I love how they were tweeting and posting photos on their Instagram accounts about how much they were enjoying the Philippines. My fingers are crossed for Pulp to bring them back for a set in the Summer Slam, if not another solo concert. I miss you Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish, Matt Nicholls, Matt Kean and Lee Malia. Having a 3-day long post-concert body ache was all worth it after moshing non-stop to your great music. 
Much love, 

Hat Collection 2013

So far, I have 15 hats that I usually wear. These hats just give an extra oomph to my outfit and I never imagined that my hat "collection" would grow. It started when I was young — around 7 when my mum bought me this pink Barbie beanie and everyone just said hats look good on me — and now, it`s essential to me.
1st row: Giordano baseball cap in red, Her Bench baseball cap in pink, Museum of Modern Art Guitar Heroes baseball cap, Folded and Hung aztec-printed cricket cap, a cowboy hat from my grandfather.
2nd row: Alieniverse skully, thrifted bonnet, white bucket hat, Aussie Love bobble hat, Roca Wear beanie.
3rd row: newsboy cap in navy, purple beret, a suede Balmoral in navy, newsboy cap in grey, and a suede pork pie hat in black.

I try to wear hats as much as possible especially on lazy days when I just don`t feel like dressing up that much. They complete my outfits and I love that they are one of a kind when I buy them. 
It`s already my hobby now to find for unique headwears that I could match to any outfit that`s why I usually go for neutral colors. Hoping that this would grow this following year, I keep a keen eye on thrift stores and new boutiques I find wherever. Sometimes, the most unusual places have the best products. How about you, do you collect anything?
Much love,

27 Dec 2013

The Newsboy Series

I got these new loafers from Hush Puppies from my uncle so as usual, I found a couple of ways to style them, collectively called "The Newsboy Series" just because I feel like a newsboy hence my color palette and my newsboy cap. 

I`ve always treasured my old Polaroid and it`s been, so far, the best props I could use in photos.

I wore these two outfits the day after the other and as much as I want to wear another ensemble like that for the third day, I got blisters on my feet from walking too much, unfortunately. 

I love looks like these, just laid back but still classy. Just so you know, I am definitely not a heels person so you may see me wearing a lot of sneakers and boots and just flat shoes all the time (although I hate ballet flats).

Just like Preview Magazine, I hope I inspired you to come up with more playful looks!

Much love,


Hello, Blogger! I finally remade a new blog to write about my not-so everyday life — my style, my feelings, the happenings. I've been busy all 2013 long, with a new job, more friends, a new love, and everything in between that I really don't have the time to sit down in front of the computer and type up everything I want. I log in to Twitter, Facebook, Lookbook, and Tumblr everyday though to check on the latest updates and to also update my friends and followers on what`s happening with me. That`s just it. Now, I have decided I`ll go back to the new-age notebook of a diary: the online blog.

I`ll try my very best to update this, more often than not and try not to bore you. Thank you for being here and I hope we could be friends (for real)!

Much love, 
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