29 Jan 2014


Ralph Lauren white polo/Esprit plaid polo/Xhiliration leather pants/Doc Martens boots/Kenneth Cole Reaction handbag/Kultura choker
For a girly feel..

I missed wearing this polo and I had several ideas on how to wear it. I flipped through my latest Preview mag and saw filmmaker Sam Lee wearing layers of polos and I thought, why not?? To make my look not over the top, I stuck to neutral colors with white, mocha, and black. To add some life in it, I topped my look with my burgundy Kenneth Cole Reaction bag which I haven`t really used yet because I thought it was too feminine. I also borrowed my mum`s choker from Kultura to spice things up even just a bit.

As I was strolling on my way to meet up with my boyfriend, I thought I looked like a modern-day musketeer. He just laughed at me for thinking that way. What do you think?

Much love,

28 Jan 2014


Miss Sixty beaded top/maroon pants, tailored/Doc Martens boots/Kenneth Cole Reaction handbag/Ray-Ban sunnies

I still need to work on those abs.........

Yeah, okay. I know I`m not skinny and all but I`m happy I lost a lot of weight! Mum approved of this look and was the one who actually suggested I bare my torso HAHA! I own this top waaaay back when I was still in grade school. What I love about this is that it has really good beadwork on it and I really love Indian culture. I`ve styled this top in numerous way before but I think this one`s my favorite, so far. I don`t know how to describe this look though, I just feel sexy wearing it because it hugs my body in the right ways. Apologies if you don`t like how I look in this but what the heck.

Much love,

27 Jan 2014


An anon on my ask.fm has been bugging me to post a photo of my closet. I am really reluctant to post one because as you can see, it`s so damn messy and disorganized. No matter how much I fix it, it just won`t be neat as what you see in those Tumblr photos. The clothes I have in that photo are the ones I use. The ones I don`t use are all kept in mega boxes under my bed. 

Where I keep another bunch of clothes especially my winter wear.
That`s it. Seriously, man. I hate how my closet looks. I can`t even see some of my clothes because they`re buried deep down in the abyss. Bottomline: I NEED A BIGGER CLOSET. A walk-in, yes??

Much love,

23 Jan 2014


Sick Night, Bitches! happened last January 19th, 2014 at Black King`s Bar, West Ave., Q.C.

Apologies though, the photos aren't in order according to the lineup.

Saving The Dying Hope

Bet you can spot me..... NAH DON`T EVEN TRY :| their`s were my favorite though cause they give you that at-home feeling when they`re performing. You can totally see they`re good friends because of the jokes here and there during the performance. Good music + good laugh.

Also known as my boyfriend`s band lol. If there`s one word you could describe their performance, it`s HEAVY. Not just heavy, but HEAVY AS FUCK YOU FEEL ALL THE ANGST IN THEM.

Above are several selfies of me with my best friend Shao, and my boyfriend.

They were hailing Mac. Believe me when I say he can do awesome, awesome, guitar solos.

False Contender.

Last band but definitely not the least.

The rest are some more shots from the gig. I couldn`t find other photos of the other bands, I`m sorry :( and to be honest with you, I`m not so much in the mood to blog tonight. I blame this on PMS. 

I don`t go to gigs that much mainly because of the fact that my mother doesn`t allow me. There`s just a different adrenaline rush you get when going to gigs/concerts. It makes me happy, the genuine kind. These kinds of happenings make me cry as well. When Now You Make Me Angry started to play Right Back At It Again by A Day To Remember, I was outside having a nerdy chat with some boys and we instantly ran inside to join the fun. ADTR is one of my most favorite bands and I`d do anything to bring them back here again. So that set really made me want to punch someone in the face, in a good way...............???????

Okay, I really can`t say much more. That Sunday night was really great for me. From Sunday morning to Monday morning, it was all great especially the fact that he slept over my house! I got an awesome mum, did you know that? I can`t wait for another great night like this to happen again.

Much love,

Photos courtesy of Niko Cezar, Ellona Espino, and Shao Entrina, Thank you so much!

21 Jan 2014


Baby doll dress, stockings, Doc Martens and a diy studded leg garter.

My favorite books: Song of Kali by Dan Simmons and Velocity by Dean Koontz.

Wore this ensemble to a gig. I thought that everyone would wear pants or shorts so I told myself that a dress would be perfect if I want to stand out. Of course, I had to give my outfit some sense of fun though so I wore stockings and boots with it. I don`t want to be out of place either. This is my usual style — dresses with boots or sneakers. I honestly feel comfortable in it even if I was slightly moshing. I guess I really grew into being a certified girl..Not really! HAHA

Happenings during the gig will be a different post.

Much love,

20 Jan 2014


A bag given to me by my best friend`s grandmother / my wallet from my mum / Victoria`s Secret makeup kit / a Unipin / Editor`s Picks lipstick palette / a coin purse from The Vatican / EOS lip balm in Tangerine / GAP Dream body mist / Philips earphones from my love / a card reader and flash drive / Ray-Ban sunnies

That bag`s my favorite because of the fact that it goes well with any outfit. And believe me when I say I can fit a shitload of stuff in there. Those are usually what I lug around everyday. Thanks to the anon who requested this!

Much love,
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