3 May 2015

Get Kylie Jenner's Lips without the Bruises

It has been an on-going debate in the internet world whether or not Kylie Jenner has had lip injections after drastically going from thin to a fat, juicy kisser. The trend has recently irked people across the globe to try the #kyliejennerchallenge. The challenge is pretty simple: use a shot glass, a bottle cap or whatever is narrow and hollow and use it as a suction that will apparently cause your lips to swell. Many have failed, causing the perimeter around their lips left bruised. Some had it worse.

As a Kylie Jenner fan myself, I Googled way too long ago the possibilities of how America`s modern sweetheart made her puckers ala Angelina Jolie after denying that she had gone under the knife.

I, of course, have to try it myself. Without further ado, my #kyliejennerchallenge:

27 Apr 2015


I personally welcome myself back to this little online diary of mine. Being on a hiatus for about 3 months allowed me to find myself that introduced me to a new hobby I'm busy with now — #ModernBlueSkies. It is a hashtag and a hub (linked) on Instagram that allows people all over the world to showcase modern architecture brilliance with shades of blue. 

Being in the country's top business district every day makes it easy for me to capture photos for my new found love. There's always something new to aim your camera at as long as you keep looking up to see these skyscrapers' beauty. 

People always ask me where I find these buildings and the answer will always be "everywhere" because it really is; you just have to find beauty in the things around you.

These photos above are mine, by the way. But if you`re interested to see more from all over the globe, I highly suggest you visit the hub on Instagram and also its new Facebook page. Also tag your photos with #ModernBlueSkies too, yes?

Instagram: @jiaachacruz // Twitter: @orgyversykes // Snapchat: jiaachacruz
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