30 Mar 2014

THE 1975

Okay, I admit. I am not a fan of The 1975 yet I listen to them. Taking this opportunity to see another band for free (because it`s a mall show) is also my excuse to catch up with my good friends whilst donning an outfit suited for Lothlorien. The crowd was surprisingly massive though. I don`t think I`ve seen a crowd that huge for a mall show before —all 3 floors of the mall was occupied with curious Filipinos and avid fans of the band! I went floor-hopping too alongside Joko to see if anymore of our friends are watching resulting to window shopping because we were frankly getting bored. Speaking of, I love Bershka`s men’s section so much! Their S/S `14 collection is truly one for the books — and absolutely my closet! Our night ended with the usual: taking selfies with friends, taking photos for my outfit, and McDonald`s for dinner. Classic.
Outfit photos by Joko Curioso

22 Mar 2014


Ralph Lauren sleeveless button-down/Robbie Becroft nautical pin/skater skirt from a bazaar

I always look at fashion as dressing up to be anyone you want and I frankly didn`t know what was my peg that day I wore this ensemble until it dawned up on me.. a horny catholic school girl. 

The Philippine weather isn`t something I`m happy about as summer is approaching, I feel like I`m going to get fried the minute I step out of my house. And if you may notice, I`ve been wearing skirts and dresses everyday now which is sort of new to me which, clearly, I`m very happy about!

Happy summer everyone!

Much love,

18 Mar 2014


First of all, I AM WEARING SANDALS *inaudible sounds of uneasiness*

Second, I wanted to try the floral on floral trend but unfortunately, I just can`t find complementing floral pieces in my closet — I don`t actually have that much floral, to be honest. Found this structured zip-up shirt in my mum`s wardrobe to which we both agreed to that it goes well with my skirt, which is a gift from my cousin. (I have awesome relatives)

Third, I had an unexpected mini-night out with my best of friends!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Joko, James, Jek, ghoul, and Jolly... Kidding! It`s Holly. 

 Ambushed Holly`s place just because we`re good friends who bug her in the midst of her final exams.

Since, Monday is the new Friday to me, I had the idea of having a sleepover with the boyfriend,  jfc. So I went to his place omg omg and just #awkwardness because going to his house at 11 in the evening to ask permission from his mum if he could sleepover because it`s my "sister`s" birthday is highly unusual. His mum was cool though and yaaaaaay. I really don`t know how to put my feelings about that into words.

Lastly, I`ve been hooked to The Da Vinci Code to the extent of wanting to change my life plans from studying fashion to pursuing cryptology. (I`m a self-confessed thrill seeker and conspiracy buff.) Also got this new-old AP mag for my BMTH wall!

Mondays are quite nice after all.

Much love,

12 Mar 2014


I was chatting with some friends last night and the conversation went from talking about personal issues to fashion-related ones. Apparently, my friend thinks I`m a "highstreet" type of person which obviously, I was surprised to. Automatically, I asked my boyfriend about it and he agreed. It didn`t stop me there, I just needed more confirmation on this so I asked people on Twitter what they thought and the same answer came up in my interactions feed. 

That wasn`t really my goal. My goal was just to inspire people that there are other options to just a shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I didn`t want to dwell on those items simply because I wasn`t raised to blend in; I was raised to stand out and my mother always tell me that image is everything. People won`t know how nice or smart you are at first sight. They`ll always judge you for your looks, always, and donning the right clothes, good makeup, and the perfect stance is always the key for respect from the people around you.

Sure, people might see me as "high street", okay, I`ll take that as a compliment. It just simply means the continuous lessons my mother teaches me are paying off. Believe me though, I never imagined myself or my style as high street because I`m very practical with my money. The high street is the last option for me to buy clothes. Thank you, though, for making me realize that my style doesn`t look cheap at all.

Much love,

5 Mar 2014


 Obsessing over midis lately and my mum has won me over again by showing me more of her clothes and this button-up dirndl skirt`s one of them. I`ve never worn skirts or dresses as much before in my life and I`m brave enough to say that I was stupid not to like them. Maybe because I had serious weight issues. Losing heaps of pounds made me confident and comfortable with myself better. It also feels very very great that more clothes fit me now. I am proud to say that from double XLs, my size went down to mediums and even smalls! I get overly excited whenever I find out that the clothes I`m wearing these days have "small" on the label. high five

As for this ensemble, the top (Vivienne Tam)`s a gift from my relatives that just came back from the States. They know how to make me happy by bringing me back loads of clothes. I just wanted to balance  everything by sticking to just black and magenta.
 Vivienne Tam top/dirndl skirt from mum/Doc Martens boots/Lady Rustan`s handbag/Higad earrings by Elan Bijoux/Covington cropped jacket

Higad earrings by Elan Bijoux!

Much love,

4 Mar 2014


Yes, 5 lines is never enough! There are just so many songs that have great, empowering, tear-jerker lyrics. You can say that this list is only the first edition.

Let`s start with his choices, shall we?

1. "I will bask in the blackness of my darkest days" — RIT by The Devil Wear Prada
2. "If the good die young then I will live forever" — Deliverance by The Air I Breathe
3. "False statements fall to the feet of dead gods" — Lord Xenu by The Devil Wears Prada
4. "So take this life and hold it for it's about to change, bleed out the coursing veins. Who will answer the call when it comes from within?" — Abrasumente by Northlane
5. "Find life in the consequence of discovery but there's still a mystery that blinds." Two Worlds of Design by Born of Osiris

1. "I`m a rough and tough; nothing`s gonna knock this girl down." — Settle Down by No Doubt
2. "Your time will come if you wait for it. It`s hard, believe me, I`ve tried." — Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons
3. "Nothing comes between me and my plans. I can`t live my life always backing down." — All Signs Point to Lauderdale by A Day To Remember
4. "Just cause you`re right, it doesn`t mean I`m wrong." — Best Of Me by A Day To Remember
5. "I love you so, but why I love you, I`ll never know." — I Love You So by Cassius

There you go! All these are what is commonly called "quotable quotes" (wtf) they`re good for tweeting actually! HAHA the song titles are all linked to their Youtube videos, btw so I hope you give them a listen! You can consider this post a playlist too ☺ and you can expect more of this next time.

Much love,

2 Mar 2014


While going through my files, I chanced upon these great works again given to me by my amazing boyfriend for our monthly anniversaries. He had a phase where he`d just illustrate his favorite characters from comics in just one sitting, finishing up several pens. 

I believe in all the gifts I`ve received in my whole life, these are two of the most memorable and precious ones. Aren`t they just sexy?
Wonderwoman and Superman

Batman and Catwoman
P.S. Recognize the title? ;)
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