26 Jul 2014


There is something fulfilling about finding clothes you used to wear as a 9 year old kid, fitting them, and surprisingly, still fit you.

I have quite a few items in my closet that I own since I was a little girl: shirts that became crop tops, jeans that I made into shorts, and this is one of those dresses that used to be considered midis, but are now minis. In case you were wondering, I was a huge kid all my life. Losing weight gave me more confidence and wardrobe options, hence the reason why the cut on this sky blue number used to be on my waist, now I`m wearing it as a baby doll.

22 Jul 2014


Chain backprint tee in black
Upperclass is a clothing brand that aims to bring superiority to the street-wear scene with not only creative designs, but also amazing quality. It is a brand that targets the people`s culture rather than mainstream hype.

I was explaining to my boy the other day the difference between casual wear and street wear: casual wear is informal, practical, uninhibited and true to form of the basics while street wear is getting comfort whilst not forgetting the essence of style, statement and fit. (oh, it's my opinion. #DontH8M8)  I`ve done a few street wear looks too (here, here, and here for starters) as I am admittedly a fan of not only the clothes itself, but the culture.

Anyway, Upperclass Clothing Co. uses only 100% Japanese cotton for their button-downs and the most premium of inks on their graphic tees therefore I guarantee you that the quality is immaculate! more under the cut >

19 Jul 2014


 Forever thanking Sugar for Spike for giving me a gift card for Net-A-Porter! So what can you do with $500? Make the most out of it! Picking out stuff to purchase was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I almost literally cried out of frustration because everything on Net-A-Porter was, for me, a closet life need.

12 Jul 2014

I Had Lunch with a Senator Today, and It`s Life-Changing

© Couline Gloria
Never in my life that I imagined I would have lunch with a senator. It all started on Ask.fm where the bot asked me which political figure I`d want to have lunch with. Senator Nancy Binay was the first one I thought of. Welp, it`s just a question, and it`s just an answer. Who would`ve thought the same senator would see it on Twitter and actually reply to me? To be honest, I was reluctant at first because who am I to be contacted by an influential personality? But one tweet lead to a Direct Message then lead to a text and a call from her staff and then there I was, sitting down on a table with my friend — who also has an advocacy for the youth, and a Senator of The Philippines. Hey, not just any senator, but the Nancy Binay. 

I have no idea what to tell you guys as I am still starstruck from this afternoon`s affair. Our conversations with her were so casual, so calm, so chill. She was so friendly, simple and very much humble despite of her status and answered our every question with delight. I must admit that I wasn`t exactly a huge fan before, but after my encounter with her, everything changed. And in the youth`s saying these days: so much respect.

To Senator Nancy Binay, if you`re reading this, thank you so so soooo much for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is an honor. I would never forget this day and I`m sure this would be a good conversation starter among me and my friends, HAHA! Thank you for calling us your "new friends" too, I am still overwhelmed. I can`t wait for the next meeting with you! ☺

In other news, my Sugar For Spike x Urban Decay giveaway already ended last night. Guess what? I won a $500 gift card for Net-A-Porter cause I had the most referrals! Thank you to all of you who joined and be sure to check your email! ;) I have been so busy this week too that I was not able to check my accounts besides my email. More giveaways and collaborations to come is my promise. My blog is just 6 months but I am already getting success. Thank you xo how you been?

3 Jul 2014


I am pleased to announce that I am having my first giveaway courtesy of Sugar For Spike in cooperation with Urban Decay!

Sugar For Spike is a brand-new online shop based in Singapore and to celebrate their launch, they are giving away $100 worth of Urban Decay vouchers each to 5 lucky winners! Enticing, huh? Mechanics under the cut!
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