3 May 2015

Get Kylie Jenner's Lips without the Bruises

It has been an on-going debate in the internet world whether or not Kylie Jenner has had lip injections after drastically going from thin to a fat, juicy kisser. The trend has recently irked people across the globe to try the #kyliejennerchallenge. The challenge is pretty simple: use a shot glass, a bottle cap or whatever is narrow and hollow and use it as a suction that will apparently cause your lips to swell. Many have failed, causing the perimeter around their lips left bruised. Some had it worse.

As a Kylie Jenner fan myself, I Googled way too long ago the possibilities of how America`s modern sweetheart made her puckers ala Angelina Jolie after denying that she had gone under the knife.

I, of course, have to try it myself. Without further ado, my #kyliejennerchallenge:
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