30 Apr 2014


Whatever happened for 2 weeks that I wasn`t able to blog?? I couldn`t remember like half of it but I sure was busy. Anyway, I shot this look days before and for the Pulp Summer Slam `14: the longest running annual metal festival in Southeast Asia. It was my third time to go (consecutively, yaaas) and I must say this one`s the most interesting and the one I had most fun in. I went with the best company, so far, and I couldn`t wait to be with the bunch again!

Going back to the outfit, sleeveless tops are your best friends in festivals. I honestly don`t have that much shirts so I got the muscle tee I`m wearing in my boyfriend`s closet for extra comfort and opted to tie a light-weight blazer around my waist because 1.) it looked cute and 2.) I needed some cover up when we travelled home early in the morning. Ha, my friends also had polos on and they were imitating me, tying their polos on their waists and doing the "Jia pose" HAHAHAHA PLS STOP. Snapbacks to beat the heat and I got new iridescent sunnies from Vans just before the day of the festival that I wasn`t able to shoot with it. And congratulations to my Dr. Martens for finally stepping into the Slam grounds!!

How`s your summer, by the way? Have you been to any festivals lately? 

You can see the photos from the actual Summer Slam in my Facebook and Twitter

13 Apr 2014


A flower crown on an all-black outfit surprisingly works! My previous look was all bright and I don`t fully support the notion of "banning" black for summer. Besides, you can never go wrong with black. I must confess that I still need to get a hang of the platforms since I am a devoted flat-soled, low-heeled girl. And I painted my nails in a minty color from The Face Shop in contrast to the black. 

How`s summer lately, btw? I`ve been really busy with work and it saddens me I lack time in blogging than before. I`ve also been writing a lot, as in testing my luck with online magazines. Fingers crossed for that!

Much love,

9 Apr 2014


My boyfriend`s mum surprised me today with this chic quilted Kipling tote! Black and gold have a special place in my heart and this is much more special since it`s a gift ♥ I love the fact that I can fit a few magazines in it since I always carry at least one every day. Speaking of reads, I just got Preview Magazine`s April 2014 issue and I am beyond thrilled and happy. They truly know how to speak to every fashion girl`s heart. #iamapreviewgirl and I`m proud of it!

What`s been making you happy lately? 

Much love,

6 Apr 2014


 9 reasons are not enough because clearly, my fingers, my toes, and all my body parts combined can`t count the reasons why I love you. By this time, I`ve probably told you everything you need to know. Yeah, I know, I say a lot of things. Different words, and yet it all comes down to one solid meaning: I love you. Hell, call me clingy, attached, whatever that describes someone who thinks she can`t live without that special person but I guess that`s really it?? You`re my best friend. People might think it`s absurd that we consider each other`s best friends too and yet I don`t see anything wrong with it. I love you cause I can totally tell you anything, even to the point of me bawling my eyes out and still, you just sit there and listen to every single word I say and embrace me in the warmest of hugs and let me know that you`re just here for me, no matter what. You know when to say the right things at the right time, and even the wrong things to say at the wrong time seem to be just right. The dullest of days become the most glorious and as cheesy as it may sounds, you`re the highlight of my every day.

Maybe some would find it absurd that we celebrate "monthsaries" but couples have their own thing and this is ours. I love you. And here`s a 9-track playlist for the amazing you:

Enjoy this ~*~*~kawaii~*~*~ photo of us

Much love,

P.S. I`m really proud that you`re starting to pull off your card tricks to strangers now. I told you you can do it!!

2 Apr 2014


Summer calls for easy outfits and bright colors. Baby blue isn`t really a color I love to wear because I had no idea what to pair it with. I`d like to think I`ve matured when it comes to fashion and that every piece especially basic cuts aren`t really hard to style. Why not pair it with another bright color, right?? To not make it too bubblegum-y, I opted to wear my cropped denim vest. 

I really love this photo set cause I feel pretty HEHE *peace!

Much love,

P.S. what`s your favorite summer ensemble? Let me know!
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