22 Dec 2014


Who can resist Coachella??

I'm not the type to go to company parties, but the Coachella theme got me so I took the chance of dressing up fit for a music festival without losing my ~grunge~ aesthetic. As usual, those sunnies gather way too many compliments — not that I'm complaining. By the way, this is a month overdue and I actually have shoulder-length hair now with baby bangs ala Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. You can check out my Instagram since I update it more often than before since I also got myself a smartphone (finally, after losing my iPhone at the BMTH concert last 2013) as a birthday gift to myself. And yup, I just turned 20 last December 14. What else? Oh! Joko also gave me an Instax Mini 7S for my birthday which I`ve always wanted! Thank you, babe x 

Hm, my blog's first anniversary is also coming up this Saturday, the 27th! I should totally make a really special post as gratitude to all of you who have read and supported my blog all through out. I promise to keep up with the posts more often next year as I am already planning collaborations with photographers and bloggers.

And just like what I said in my previous post, I am still busy with my day job and as a writer/contributor for Sister Secrets that I just can't seem to gather my thoughts without being stressed.

♥ Happy holidays, everybody! ♥


  1. Great outfit, I love the way you styled that pants ! ^-^
    Nice blog, dear!


  2. love the outfit, perfect for music festivals! These pictures makes me long for summer

  3. Love this outfit- so jel of your panther belt and sunnies especially xx



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