3 May 2015

Get Kylie Jenner's Lips without the Bruises

It has been an on-going debate in the internet world whether or not Kylie Jenner has had lip injections after drastically going from thin to a fat, juicy kisser. The trend has recently irked people across the globe to try the #kyliejennerchallenge. The challenge is pretty simple: use a shot glass, a bottle cap or whatever is narrow and hollow and use it as a suction that will apparently cause your lips to swell. Many have failed, causing the perimeter around their lips left bruised. Some had it worse.

As a Kylie Jenner fan myself, I Googled way too long ago the possibilities of how America`s modern sweetheart made her puckers ala Angelina Jolie after denying that she had gone under the knife.

I, of course, have to try it myself. Without further ado, my #kyliejennerchallenge:

You`ll need:
1.       Your lipstick of choice. I used Ever Bilena matte in Toast of New York
2.       Lip liner — Ever Bilena lip liner in Cappuccino
3.       Your suction of choice — mine is a bottle cap and/or a shot glass
4.       Concealer — 3 Concept Eyes Waterful BB Concealer
5.       Loose or pressed powder — Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free
These are my natural lips. I also placed a small amount of lip balm for easier application of the lip liner and lipstick later in the process.
Then apply concealer (or liquid/cream foundation) on the outer lines of your lips concealing them. Next, apply powder and blend well. As you can see, my lips almost completely disappeared. This will help you draw on the lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line.
Before everything else, get your preferred suction device and, well, suck on it for about 1-2 minutes with about 10 second intervals in between. You may increase the suction time depending on how long you want your juicy pout to last.

Pro-tip: when choosing your suction device, make sure they are the same size of your lips. The reason why other girls who have tried this got bruised is because they used a device larger than their lips. It must trace your natural lip line. When will you know it`s the right size? When it falls directly on your cupid`s bow and around the center of your lower lip.
After 2 minutes with 10 second intervals in between, here are my lips after using the bottle cap. If you notice, my lips got fatter and the marks fall perfectly on my natural lip line!
For tutorial purposes, I also used a shot glass. Now, it really is bigger than my lips so I did not dwell on this too much.

My lips after using the shot glass. Same results but you may notice slight bruising on the upper lip particularly above the cupid`s bow.
Let the lines fade a little for about a minute.
When the lines have set and faded, you may now draw on with your lip liner. Start on the center of your upper lips drawing a little bit above your cupid`s bow. Then start on the corner of your lips connecting up to your cupid`s bow forming a slight curve bending outwards of your natural lip line. Do the same on your lower lip. By this time you can see how your lips would look like later. Always remember that the corners of your drawn-on lips should always meet to avoid looking like a clown.
Next, fill in your lips with the lip liner to also act as a primer. If you have lip primer, you may use it before putting on the concealer and powder, much like a lip balm.
Voila! Here are my lips after applying on lip stick. Am I Kylie Jenner now?
One last tip: if you want to contour your lips, use a lip liner darker than your lipstick but do not fill in your lips with it.

Yes, here is the mandatory selfie for you to see how it looks like overall.
Whether you like your lips bigger, thinner or as it is, remember you are always beautiful as long as you love yourself.
Take this from the iconic 17 year old herself:

Have you tried the #kyliejennerchallenge yourself? Do you desire to have your lips like hers without getting surgery? Let me know in the comments section below! I`d love to hear your stories!

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  1. Hiya babe, lovely tutorial u very pretty as well
    thanks for sharing this with us.
    i got a question doe how long does the pout lasts when u do the suction?

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    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.

  2. Lovely tutorial! I adore Kylie as well :)


  3. Love this!!!! I'm obsessed with Kylie <3 I'll try this out.


  4. This tutorial came out looking so good - you look amazing! Good to know that the bruising doesn't happen if you do it right, haha


  5. I think the whole lip plump craze is slightly ridiculous and this is such a better idea to create the effect! Great post hun x
    Jess x

  6. I would love to have Kylie Jenner lips, but I haven't tried the #kyliejennerchallenge because I have seen it go wrong so many times, haha!
    Very good tutorial - I love the final look!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  7. it looks like Kylie's lips <333
    so nice!

    xo, Ivana



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