9 Feb 2014


Forever 21 studded top/corduroy pants, hand me down from grammy/Doc Martens

Went night shooting with my forever photographer a.k.a my uncle and I`m very much in love with the results! We had two locations for this since I was in the mood, indeed, to shoot. First bunch was the usual white wall and the rest were shot in my uncle`s room, per se. If you ask, my uncle is an artist that`s why he has all these paraphernalias in his room. I thought of giving this shoot a grunge-y vibe sorta thing. Garbage was definitely my playlist while I was in front of the camera (yes, I really was playing music.) 

I`m not going to elaborate anymore on this especially about the different things you see in my uncle`s room. Just so you know, his room is literally like an  art gallery already on its own.

Much love,

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