2 Feb 2014


Thought of doing a photo series for this post since I love love loooove the scenery. A laid-back look for a rather stressful day. In all honesty, I wasn`t in the mood to dress up that day. I didn`t want to dress up but I refused to just throw a shirt and jeans combo on which lead me to literally bawling my eyes out whilst looking at my closet. Such a drama queen.

Also hung out with my friends at Mercato Central in Ayala the night this photo was taken. Come to think of it, my outfit was just right for a chill food fest with my friends. Shorts to keep it simple yet a bomber jacket to keep me warm during the unusual cold Philippine weather. I got tired of wearing my black footwear and my loafers was perfect for the color palette.

Much love,

P.S I`ve been busy lately but I swear, it bothers me not to update this regularly.

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