19 Feb 2014


"Physical connections are common but mental connections are rare. I don't even remember my previous valentine`s. Probably because they weren't special. Heck, I never even bothered to celebrate it. It just reminded me no one really cares. 2013 came. I was on the verge of saying "Fuck love. I`m tired of trying."
"I`m happy I have friends. Yeah, sure. We all loved each other, but I`m just human — longing for love beyond friendships and my family. I`m just human that crush on people too.
I`d be a hypocrite if I said I don`t want them to love me back. Heartbreak after heartbreak, I know someone better`s out there."
"Some tried to pursue me, telling me flowery yet meaningless words. Maybe it boosted my ego, but I knew they just weren`t worth the risk. Then I met you. I must admit I`m a gullible one."
"Getting butterflies by the teases between us and that`s when I knew, I liked you. I have a crush on you. The negatron inside me spoke again."Give up. He only likes skinny girls who layer on makeup and go to parties, wear heels and take selfies every hour." Ugh. I had the feeling you wouldn`t like me. I`m not thin, I don`t comb my hair regularly. I`m a self-confessed tomboy. How the fuck am I supposed to compete with Joyce Pring?"
"So I just continued being friends. Little did I know, you had the same feelings for me. Nightly chats turned to unofficial dates. I must admit, I look forward going home everyday I knew I was gonna see you."
"The day you brought me lasagna was the day I knew you deserved my yes. The unconditional love I`m giving to whoever shows me that I`m his priority. You showed me I`m not just your option."

"Fast forward, 7 months later. Our bond just got stronger. We may have petty arguments but those don`t make me love you less. You made me realize that being in love, in a relationship may not be all lovey dovey, but you are worth fighting for."
"I`ve thanked you hundreds, if not thousands of times yet I can`t that you enough for being so patient with me. Thank you for not judging me no matter how worse I got myself into. No matter how stupid I am. Thank you for listening to my stories even if you find some outrageous. Thank you for believe in me when no on else does. Thank you for motivating me to do my best, to just keep on going. Thank you for expanding my social circle."
"Thank you for making me try new things just so I could say that at least once in my life, I got out of my comfort zone. Thank you for not underestimating me as a woman, yet you still treat me like a queen. Thank you for letting me know that I`m beautiful, inside and out, with or without makeup. Thank you for the support with whatever I`m into. Thank you for the honest opinions. Thank you for making me feel safe."
"Thank you for being so understanding especially when PMS strikes. Thank you for letting me drag you into clothing stores and tell me what looks good on me. There are just so much I would thank you for. As the cliche saying goes "words cannot express how much I thank you." I am really lucky to have a man like you to love me."
"People have different opinions and some might disagree, but you are a man with a big heart, a great mind, fair wisdom and a built which makes you stand out in a crowd. Us girls would die for a man like you. And in their sorry faces, I hit the jackpot."
"You`re amazing in every way. I`m really proud to be your girlfriend. Like really, you`re the school's heartthrob, I`m the geek. You fall in love with me and the whole school hates it cause who am I? My point is, not everyone comes upon someone like you and I`m probably the envy of many for keeping a guy like you. Just remember I am always here for you."
"Whatever you give me, I`ll repay you double. My love is for you and you alone. How I wish to be wrapped in your arms all the time and I swear with all my life that I`ll defend you as much as I can."
"I can be your best friend, sister, cheerleader, whatever you want! *wink As you are a boyfriend and a best friend to me."
"The day I lose you is the day I die. You`ll always have a special place in my heart. 7 months and only God knows how long this lasts and I won`t even complain if I spend a lifetime with you. I love you!! Happy first Valentines with you."
So above captions are what`s in my letter I gave to him. It came along with the Bicycle playing cards I gave him since he`s soooo into card tricks right now. Speaking of, here`s a video of his Ambitious card trick he pulled off to a random group of people:
Sorry if you can`t understand what he`s saying or for some vulgarity. I am a bad videographer and shooting at night is very hard.

Overall Valentine`s 2014 is very special to me. Laying in the grass, night strolls, having sweets, and my outfit shots in between every moment I was with him. It wasn`t really fancy at all. It was just a simple date because everyday is valentine`s day with him.

Much love,

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