5 Feb 2014


Drop Dead crewneck/Akademiks cut=off shorts/Motel Rocks socks/Herbench cap/Offshore slip-ons

Pink is the new black? No. Pink and black.

Honestly the only Drop Dead item in my closet that`s why it`s well taken care of.

 This is probably my typical concert look. I usually wear these kinds of clothes when I`m with my friends from the metal scene or my skater friends. Dress the part, yes? I mean, I wouldn`t want to be the odd one out of the group. I also don`t know why but I tend to wear my black clothes when I`m with my boyfriend since he`s always in black. I think sometimes, we look like the odd couple. 

There are days I just want to blend in with the crowd. There are days I feel really lazy putting on clothes — not that I want to be naked. Mara Coson once said, and correct me if I worded it wrong, "If you take more than 10 minutes to dress up, then you`re trying to be someone else." I fully agree with her. If you ask me how I know which clothes to match with which, I frankly don`t know. It depends on my mood, usually. Some days, I want to feel like a girl, but on most days, I want to stick to my tomboy style. Yes, I describe my style as tomboy simply because I can`t see myself wearing head-to-toe dainty. I just can`t. Don`t get me wrong though, I absolutely love wearing dresses! I just don`t pair my dresses with ballet flats or sandals. If there`s one thing I`m very uncomfortable with, it`s my feet exposed to dirt, hence the reason why I`m always in sneakers/boots.

Much love,

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