18 Feb 2014


Hi again! So I guess this is a new Tuesday thing, huh? #NSOCTuesdays lol

Fortunately, Joko told me he likes doing these things with me. He`s too excited for the Tuesdays to come that he has ideas already about what contents I should post next. For this week, we`re doing movies! As stated, you can see that we both are Lord of The Rings fans — huge ones. He has LOTR first though because, I personally admit that he`s a better LOTR geek than me... and well, I`m a better Mean Girls geek than him (duh!) I just can`t compete with his knowledge about the trilogy. As for the rest of his movies, I also love Pulp Fiction and The Matrix. Star Wars, so and so and I haven`t seen Undisputed yet. For my list of movies, I believe he has seen, well, just LOTR............ crickets. 

I basically just listed mine in the order of how much I`m willing to watch the movies over and over and over again and how much I`m knowledgeable about them. His movies are more masculine, mine are a mix of a really girly movie, a geeky one, a metal one, and two very inspiring movies.

We are willing to tell you more about these movies! 

Much love,

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