25 Feb 2014


First of all, I think it`s a good decision to change the look of my template. Second, I am very much proud to say that Joko was the one who reminded me yesterday that it`s #NSOCTuesdays today!! It just means he`s really looking forward into this. And third, well, let`s get to the series, shall we?

Among his choices, I personally am a fan of Psych, How I Met Your Mother and Workaholics. In his own words, "I like comedy series like HIMYM, Psych and Workaholics. New Girl is on my list too, not just in the top 5." If you noticed, I looooove watching Fox Crime. Psych could be on my top 5 too but Perception is one of the series that my mum and I look forward to every week. C.S.I New York gives me the thrill though because I really am a fan of crime fiction stories. He said, "I love TWD`s plot and story line plus every ep(isode) gets even more nerve racking." and in contrast to that — I swear people are gonna hate me for this — I am not a fan of The Walking Dead simply because I think zombies are getting overrated already. I mean, yeah, zombies are cool but what else can you make of it? I`ve watched a few episodes out of curiosity and man, it got me yawning. #veryunpopularopinion #opwegotabadassoverhere #hatemagnet

Skins.. I`ve actually done a feature about it here. I guess you just hafta check that baby out.......... America`s Next Top Model is like, one of the series you really have to watch if you`re a "fashion girl." idk man but it has really helped me build my confidence *spazz* and of course, Gossip Girl. Who would not know that? I mean, god damn it, Blair and Serena`s, even Lily`s closet are EVERY girl`s dream of having. I swear to all of the gods that yes, I watch it mainly because I have to see what they`re wearing. Plus, I`m totez a fan of Chair a.k.a the ship name of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf a.k.a my alter ego`s parents. You really can`t be a certified fashion junkie if you haven`t seen Gossip Girl. Well, at least, in my own opinion.

Much love,

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