24 Feb 2014


Probably my most favorite dress in the world! I seriously have worn this countless of times but in different ways because it`s very versatile and it can go with just ANYTHING! From day to night, street wear to formal wear — this dress is just amazing. For this ensemble, I paired it for the first time with my denim polo wrapped around my waist for that 90s vibe and yes, my friends think it`s already my "signature look". I can`t really wear the polo because that would cause me a heatstroke and to be frank with you, the Philippine weather is quite bipolar these past few months. This week it`ll be really freezing, and the next it would be back to it`s tropical state. 

Since summer is approaching, I`m already planning my outfit to the annual Pulp Summer Slam! I`m thinking of wearing neon colors since everyone would be in black. Trust me, I was one of them donning black. This year, I`ll be the — note the uncertainty — magenta in a sea of black! I got this new magenta top from Vivienne Tam, a gift to me by a family friend who just came back from the States. I think it would be a good concert look ;)

Much love,

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