11 Feb 2014


I'm a huge fan of A Pair of Pears and let`s just say I`m an envious one so I decided to put up one of those his & hers things as well. I`m very open about my relationship with my boyfriend, Joko and I guess you can say we`re sort of the odd couple. 

I can pretty much say music`s what brought us together and it`s relatively fair to share that first here. Yes, I listen to metal but I don`t stop there. He may be called "The Metalman" but I`m happy he listens to other genres now, too. At least, little by little he`s into indietronica now. I asked him for a list of songs he can listen to any time of day, whatever the occasion is and those are what he sent me. As for my list, I chose the songs that make me hyper on the days I need motivation to keep things moving. 

I hope our playlist may give you new songs and artists to listen to!

Much love,

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