12 Sept 2014


Dressing up like a g(djent)leman is much more common for me than dressing up like a lady. And those clothes are older than me.

Believe it or not, this was my grandpa`s suspenders. When he passed away (I miss you, lolo), around half of his clothes came into my possession. His dress pants were of the best fit, his coats and blazers have the best tailoring and his hats, oh his lovely top hats became hall of fame-rs in my collection. Fact: the black pork pie hat I`m always wearing in my outfit posts was his. I just admire how my grandfather used to take pride in his clothes, that he always looked dressed to the nines. My mum always says that we got our love for fashion from him and I couldn`t agree more. 

Hm, let`s see.. That Ralph Lauren white denim sleeveless button down was my mum`s and it`s older than me. Those pants I`m wearing are my grandma`s, probably as old as I am. I honestly don`t know how old those suspenders are but I`m sure they`re nothing close to new! And that coat must be half my age, also from my mother.. The only new items I`m wearing are those black on black slip-ons and my sunnies from Le Specs. My point is, invest in timeless pieces and take extra care for your clothes because your children, grandchildren, children of your grandchildren, children of the children of your grandchildren, the grandchildren of the children of the children of your grandchil- OKAY STOP.. may be able to still wear them. Wouldn`t that be cool?? 

This outfit just screams dapper to me. The only thing missing here is a gun holster and I could already pass as a gangster. Oh dear lord, I sometimes feel sorry for my boyfriend that his girlfriend isn`t dressing up like a girly girl. But seriously, ew. And but seriously also, thanks to him for being such an amazing beau-tographer. I love you babe! u da best *heart eyes emoji*

Photos by Joko Curioso (he likes posting retarded faces of me on his instagram)


  1. Love those sunnies! I don't know if any of my kids will be getting my clothes because they're like all from Forever 21 and will probably disintegrate next week but we will see....

  2. I love that you are wearing pieces that are definitely timeless and have so much meaning behind it! I'm at the age where I want to invest in clothes that are timeless as well!

  3. Cool! I love the suspenders, it's great that they actually are from your grandpa :)



  4. OMG I love this outfit!!! So chic and "powerful" yung dating nya. Menswear-inspired looks on women are the best! <3


  5. I really really love this outfit!! You look so cool and stylish!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  6. Love the sunglasses! They are awesome with the lip colour! xx


  7. Amazing post, dear!


  8. nice look
    love ur make up

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa


    xx Nina


  10. I love your hair color!


  11. I love this! I love dressing in menswear-inspired looks, and have even gotten a few pieces off of my grandparents too (although they don't have the same sense of style yours do...). I love your makeup and the coat--they add just the right amount of femininity :)


  12. It's so sweet that you kept your grandpa's clothes, and you're totally rocking them! I love your sunnies too! :)

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