5 Jan 2014

Day 3: Favorite TV Show

If you haven`t seen an episode of Skins, then you might just want to start now. If you`re a teenager struggling with society, have suicidal thoughts, suffering from eating disorders, or is just pretty-much confused either with your sexual orientation or just life itself in general, then I think this is the right television show you would want to get hooked to. It`s not that it tolerates you (caution: it may tolerate you), it`s that it shows you how people cope up with problems and the consequences of your impulsive behavior.

Warning though, the show has a lot of profanity in it. Sex, drugs, alcohol.. you name it! But behind the so-called "YOLO lives" of these teens, there is always a deeper explanation. 

This show isn`t for the weak. At first, I was actually overwhelmed with everything I`ve been seeing. Too bad, I`ve learned my ways and bad habits by being an avid fan of it. I bought dvd copies of all 7 seasons, watched every episode hundreds, if not thousands of times. I was so hooked to it, I`ve influenced my "innocent" friends to watch it, and one episode leads to another until we`ve became addicted to the British culture. 

I guess the reason why it`s my favorite tv show is that I can somehow relate to the characters. I may not party as hard as them, do drugs as frequently as them, or have sex as much as them, but I know, I am a teenager with problems of my own that I try to solve with the company of good friends and spontaneous adventure. 

Much love,


  1. I LOVE SKINS!! Best show ever. I spend so much of my time trying to convince my friends to watch it too! lol

    1. Yes! People are so hesitant to watch it i don`t get why


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