15 Oct 2014


Spent my Saturday, the 11th of October at the Blogapalooza 2014 held at the SMX, SM Aura! Blogapalooza is simply a blogger`s convention where businesses and bloggers come together to interact and make connections with each other.

Under the cut you`ll see more photos from the event and the beauty trunk (so chic) I won from a game! ;)

These are the freebies I got from the event. Yes, they're all free! Gift certificates, discount cards, coupons, pens, bags, beauty products, CDs, key chains, and other memorabilia — and I even gave some to my boyfriend. Sweet, huh?
Sample Room Philippines's booth. How adorable is that dresser?
Got my hands dirty for Krispy Kreme's Make Your Own KK activity! They basically made us experience how Krispy Kreme doughnuts are designed to perfection. Glazed doughnut - chocolate coating - sprinkles - icing. The best part is that it's unlimited! lol
My Shopping Box's booth.
I had my Instax taken at Henry's Professional Camera Services' booth! Now I'm absolutely convinced I should get an Instax as a birthday gift to myself. Which model would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!
Zing Rewards card's booth. I joined their game and I lost because apparently, slingshots are not my expertise.
With Kyle Rodriguez of The Stylish Bipolar
Habitat For Humanity Philippines is re-launching their Re-Build Philippines through a campaign called "Online Champion, Race to 200K." The campaign's primary objective is to gather more individuals and groups to create their own give2habitat support page and help raise funds to build at least one core house amounting to 200,000 Philippine Pesos.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic's booth where I got lucky with that Pop-A-Zit game panel!
I copped that beauty trunk up top ;)
Novexpert skincare line as seen in Flawless's booth.
 Now THIS is what's included inside that holy grail.I'm feeling #blessed lol
Novexpert samples
I have been using Flawless's Skin Protect Lotion since the night I had it and I'm loving it so far! It does not feel warm on the skin, it won't make you feel sticky even after a long, hot day plus its scent isn't over-powering at all. It's just the perfect lotion for everyday use. 

Now, my mother won't let me use the Stem Cell Day Cream and Stem Cell Night Serum simply because my skin is "still young." As per my mother's observations, her skin is starting to appear whiter and softer just after 3 days of continued use! I wonder what would happen about after a month? :>
By the way, I find Iskin New York's Makeup Eraser very efficient as it also doubles as a face cleanser. I noticed that my cotton balls are squeaky clean even just after using the makeup eraser itself unlike before that they'll only be left white after I also cleanse my face with my usual wash. It also does not hurt my eyes even when I frantically remove my waterproof eye makeup that's painfully difficult to wash off. 
Isn't it adorable? Channeling Elle Woods everyday with this baby.
That Saturday may be exhausting but I sure did have lots of fun. The only thing that I regret not doing is using my camera wisely. It ran out of battery almost halfway through the event hence the reason why I have generic photos. I wasn't also able to take photos of my outfit because 1.) I did not have anyone with me (boyfriend came around 6pm) and 2.) by the time my boyfriend came, like what I said, my camera ran out of battery and I was too tired to strut my stuff already. Gah, I guess this is the sign that I would be repeating this outfit in the future for the sake of picture-taking. No shame though, that outfit by far is one of my most favorite (refer to Kyle and I's photo).

Blogapalooza opened huge opportunities for me that I am currently working on. I'm really glad that there is an event for bloggers like this. I'll definitely be at the next event! 

How's your weekend? Follow me on Instagram @jiaachacruz for more updates x


  1. The event looks amazing, and that donut looks yummy! x


  2. seems like a great event dear!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    link to my post is HERE

  3. This sounds like such an exciting event! Blogapalooza should be everywhere!
    mortem blonde

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  5. That's a lot of freebies! The event looks really cool too. Glad you had fun!



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