27 Oct 2014

My Bioessence Experience

 Not everyone gets the privilege to be pampered by one of the Philippines` top beauty and wellness spa, Bioessence and I consider myself very, very lucky. Today, I visited one of their branches to experience their Beauty Break (basic) Facial.

 The basic facial is "A 1 hour relaxing facial with preliminary, deep cleansing, exfoliation, ozone, vacuum with extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, facial mask, high frequency laser for moisturization, and back massage."
Like what is said above, their basic facial starts off with a preliminary where they give your face and head a massage to help you relax and be comfortable. True enough, I was already falling asleep! Then they sponge your face to remove any make-up and/or dirt, deep cleanse, and exfoliate with the help of a steamer to open up your pores. Once your face is already ultra soft by the steaming, they vacuum your face to extract blackheads and white heads — this, for me is the painful part but what is beauty without pain, right? Don`t get me wrong though! Their staff totally make sure that you are okay with what they are doing and ask you if the pressure is okay and if the pain is bearable. To answer your question, yes it is bearable (and worth it in the end! Trust me.) 
Mandatory mirror selfie after the treatment.
After your face is already smoother than Michael Jackson`s moves (lol), they will finally be applying a facial mask which smells like milk. Yes, I know. I just had to say it. Come on, who wouldn't want milk on their face? After about 10 minutes, they cleanse your face again to remove the mask and apply vitamin c on your skin. Bonus points for the ahhh-mazing back massage!

If I were to rate Bioessence`s service, I`d give it a perfect 10. Note: this is not just my review but also my mother`s since she accompanied me today. She was very impressed by their service as all of the staff were very accommodating, not only to their customers but to everyone that comes through their door. All of our questions regarding their products and services, and even the company`s history were answered with utt-most enthusiasm. 

So if you are thinking of going to the spa for a day of wellness, I would faithfully recommend Bioessence with pride. Check out their website for more info.


  1. great post! it looks like a great experience. I totally am over due for a facial!

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  2. I can't remember if I've tried Bioeesence before but I'd definitely try them out in the future if I needed a facial. :) Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Stunning post!!

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  4. Great post
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  5. Seems you had a great time :D




  6. Sounds an amazing and relaxing clinic! =D
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  8. haven't had a facial in ages!!! that sure looks so pampering! :D

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  9. Wow what a great day of pampering



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