9 Jan 2014

10 Tips on How to Kick Ass Your Year

Instead of calling them “resolutions”, these life strategies would help you live healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially.

1. Establish a rule.  Like me, I make it a rule to only use the internet for 3 hours a day, tops. I always put lotion right after a bath (your skin would absorb the nutrients better since pores are still open), or I put on lip balm at least 3 times a day. It sounds arbitrary, but our brains respond to that type of structure making us used to it.
2. Turn off the TV whilst eating! Studies prove that people take in 40 percent more food when watching television since our minds are focused on something else.
3. Change your desktop wallpaper regularly. Instead of creating mood boards, set photos that inspire you as your wallpaper since you most likely see it more often. Hello, web zombies!
4. Force it for 15 minutes. If you hate cleaning your closet, tell yourself you`ll do it for only 15 minutes. When your timer goes off and you can walk away, chances are you`ll just continue what you have started.
5. Make your password work for you. Because you type it every day, a password like “lose10poundsmonthly” or “NewJob2014” will help push a goal into your brain.
6. Count to 100 before you freak out. In the end, it`ll make you feel and seem more rational than panicking right away and making decisions impulsively.
7. Set a romance ritual. Take a walk every Saturday afternoon to catch up or try a new resto every  month during your anniversary. A little tradition that you both look forward to and enjoy can sturdy up your bond.
8. Only eat food on the plate. Since you see exactly how much you can and have consumed, it cuts off mindless chow downs.
9. Ask yourself: what would Beyonce do? Or Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence? Ask yourself what your role model would do in a sticky situation. If Tyra Banks was faced with a choice between studying for her final exams or a weekly bonding ritual with her bff, which would she choose? Then do the same.
10. Reward yourself. Make a mini bucket list for the week. Cross out every time you`re done with an entry and if every thing`s done by the deadline you set, reward yourself with your favorite comfort food or movie tickets to the movie you`ve been dying to watch with your special someone. That way, you`ll be motivated to finish things on time.

It isn`t too late to make better changes especially when it`s for your own sake. Just remember that this is all for a beautiful you. Learn to love yourself and everything will follow. Trust me, it doesn`t hurt to think for yourself.

Much love,

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