9 Jan 2014

Day 7: Favorite Movies

I really have a few favorite movies and I can`t choose one! So I guess I`ll post my top 3.

3. Coach Carter. This is one movie that would make you cry, not because it would make you sad but because it would inspire you. I can watch this movie a million times and not get over it because of the fact that it`s real. Everything you see is real. I may not be a basketball fan but I salute these players especially Coach Carter for being so hopeful. This movie values education and discipline more than anything in this world. It also values respect and that it`s important for you to go places. I really recommend you see this movie. It may or may not change your life in general, but I`m sure it would touch your heart.

2. The Crow. This is a story about Eric Draven, a successful musician brutally murdered in his apartment alongside his fiancee Shelly Webster one Halloween night. While they were still alive, they took care of this kid named Sarah who have always believed that every Halloween, a soul could be brought back to life with the help of a crow.

I love this story not just because of its soundtrack but it also has that good dark eerie in it. If I could sum this movie up in one word, it would be "bad-ass". Yes, it really is. I recommend you watch this especially if you`re a fan of metal and grunge music and if you`re all about living the life of a thrill-seeker.

1. Mean Girls. Yeah, I know. Everyone loves this movie and so do I!! I can recite this movie from start to finish with matching actions and mannerisms of each character. The movie`s just so quotable, you could use their lines everyday. If a friend tells me he or she hasn`t seen the movie yet, then I might just question our friendship then force him to watch it with me. Mean Girls is already a way of life for me. No, I don`t wear pink on Wednesdays but I know when a girl`s lipgloss is from a 99-cent store. *wink

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