6 Jan 2014

6.6 ♥

Hey there, fella! 6 months have passed and looking back, the days when we were just friends are still mint to me. I remember one time we weren`t able to go home together and I was like "bus rides would never be the same again." HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA landi anyway, I just want to let you know, over and over again, that I love you. Thanks for putting up with me, no matter how insane I get, no matter how bad I get, you`re still there for me. I`ll always be here beside you, if not behind you, being your personal cheerleader. Supporting you with whatever you`re passionate about. Then one day, when you get the success you deserve, I`d be standing in the corner, still cheering for you. You may not notice me anymore, but it`s okay. I`d still be proud that I saw you take those tiny footsteps and make them into big leaps. 

And before you cry, I`ll end my message here. Again, happy 6th monthsary (yaaay!!) I love you so much and I miss you everyday. I`m clingy, I know, forgive me.



  1. Happy 6th babe. I love you. <3 Congrats on you 1.5k views here on your blog! :) <3


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