7 Jan 2014

Day 5: your favorite place

I`ve thought long and hard what my favorite place is. I thought about it being my home, my room, the cubicle I work in everyday in the office, even the bathroom but it all just doesn`t feel like the right answer. Does it really need to be a structure? One that other people can also step foot on? For me, a place doesn`t really need to be a building that another man created. It can simply be a shoulder you can lean on. That`s what brought me to the answer to the fifth day`s question of the 30-day challenge. My favorite place is his arms wrapped around me. Do I have to elaborate how much? lol It gives me a feeling of security, other than love. It`s always nice to know that someone`s taking care of you. You know what`s funny? Is that I hate it when people in front of me walk slowly. Then a night comes when we`re having a stroll and his arms are wrapped around me, goofing around, eying cute little puppies also having a night stroll and then I realize how much the people behind could hate us for walking like it`s not really a busy street. But hey, go overtake! We don`t mind. My point is, the world stops when you`re with someone that`s important to you as your bacon. Bacon. Really? Bacon?? That`s all I could say?? Jesus. I think everyone loves bacon. Anyway! It`s amazing to be in love. It`s great to feel someone`s protecting you. It`s great to goof around and not care about what others would say. It`s awesome to be embarrassed sometimes. It`s beautiful to feel beautiful just cause that special someone thinks you are. 

And I hope you know how great I`m feeling right now.

Much love,

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