7 Jan 2014

I Sure Know How to Run Free

Felt like wearing a skirt on a Monday so I threw on my velvet bloomer skirt which I got from a thrift shop. Paired it with a blue tank top, from Greenhills, I own for years now but barely wear.

I thought it would be freezing at work to wear just a mini skirt and a tank top so I threw on my denim polo from Nordstrom.

Then I thought it was too.. blue and plain. So I ransacked through the pile of accessories I have and decided I`d wear a capiz flower around my neck.

Oh! I almost forgot. After a couple of weeks of alternating between my Dr. Martens and my black on black slip ons, I wore my Nikes again!! yaaay I was actually thinking of wearing my DMs with this ensemble but then I thought my white and blue Nikes would fit much better. Plus, I really missed them.

Much love,

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