15 Jan 2014

Sundate | 12.01.2014

Had lunch over at Ayala Triangle with James, Jek, and Alfonso. Al was showing us the video he made for our friendship.

Holly arrived afterwards. Plans were to see a movie but we decided to sing our hearts out instead.

Yes, my friends love Lorde too!!

Kpop thing going on there.


After a couple of hours, we went to Bollywood, our usual hangout. Greenbelt hits would never be fun without hitting Bollywood, having Indian cuisine and chatting up over shisha.

lol I tried.

And those are selfies I took before I left home. I just felt like such a girl, okay :((

I simply can`t wait for the upcoming weekend. I`ll be seeing my best friends again and will be at my boyfriend`s gig! Finally, the most important people in my life are meeting up.

Much love,

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