3 Jan 2014

Day 1: Your Full Name

My full name is Czenna Jia Achacruz. That`s it. I use my mum`s maiden name. The name "Czenna" came up when my older cousin started calling me that when I was still in my mother`s womb. "Czenna! I can`t wait for you to come out!" or "Czenna! I can`t wait to play with you!". Stuff like those. Jia came from my mother and father. The letter J came from Jun, my father`s nickname while the I and A came from my mother, Gloria. Hence the name: Jia.

I still don`t get it why people don`t think that my surname, Achacruz, isn`t believable. Well, we`re Spanish and that`s where it came from. I really am proud to have a unique surname. It gives me that extra kick, that extra spice. If you Google "Achacruz", there`s only the three of us. Me, my uncle and my cousin.

Sometimes, I hate it when people mispronounce my name especially Czenna. It`s just che-na like the Czech Republic. That`s why I use Jia because people can easily read it. Unless you`re a dumbass that would pronounce it as "Gia".

For further questions, you can ask me here.

Much love,

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