16 Jan 2014

Day 14: someone you love?

There are lots of people that I love — my mum, my dog, my best friends, some band dudes, models, designers, but I`m sure all of you want someone I`m romantically in love with, right? Above is a photobooth picture of me and my boyfriend. We`ve been together for 6 months now and my life has somehow changed since I`ve been with him. That isn`t negative though. My life has been more exciting than ever. I gained new friends even though I lost a fake one. See, my mother always tell me that when people leave you, you earn double. I lost a friend when we became together because according to her, "I was spending more time with my boyfriend." well, what the fuck, we`re in a relationship and being together all the time is normal. He doesn`t bore me actually. We do have differences and it`s what makes our relationship exciting. There are stuff that I know and he doesn`t and vise versa. Long story short: we learn from each other everyday. Best part is I can be myself with him. He doesn`t force me to do things I don`t want to. Isn`t that what we all want in a relationship? When your partner just appreciates what you can offer to the table. Finds you beautiful even during the days you feel like a hobo or encourages you to keep going even if you`re losing hope. Ohhhh, I`m so in love. He`s my best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one convenient sushi.

Much love,

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