18 Jan 2014


I decided to be corporate for the day, just for a change. 

This is one of my favorite bags from Dooney & Bourke. I love that it makes me feel that all my stuff are secured since all of my friends don`t even know how to open this HAHAHAHA!

Yes, I am wearing heels. HEELS!! This is a pair from Suki that I own for years but only used once since I really don`t like wearing heels. I found it the other day when my mum and I are fixing our shoes and voila, outfit idea!!

I know this is really something new since I`m always dressed like a tomboy, and always wearing sneakers or boots but yeah, I got to shake things up a little bit, right? I absolutely look up to my mum since she dresses like this — classy and corporate. People even say I`m starting to look like her and I`m happy about it because I think she`s beautiful.

Much love,

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