28 Jan 2014


Miss Sixty beaded top/maroon pants, tailored/Doc Martens boots/Kenneth Cole Reaction handbag/Ray-Ban sunnies

I still need to work on those abs.........

Yeah, okay. I know I`m not skinny and all but I`m happy I lost a lot of weight! Mum approved of this look and was the one who actually suggested I bare my torso HAHA! I own this top waaaay back when I was still in grade school. What I love about this is that it has really good beadwork on it and I really love Indian culture. I`ve styled this top in numerous way before but I think this one`s my favorite, so far. I don`t know how to describe this look though, I just feel sexy wearing it because it hugs my body in the right ways. Apologies if you don`t like how I look in this but what the heck.

Much love,

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