11 Jan 2014

Day 9: favorite book

My favorite book has got to be Song of Kali by Dan Simmons. This is actually the reason why I embraced the Indian culture so much. It really made me want to visit India someday to see what it`s really like. I`d rather you read the book because if I were to tell you here, it would take a novel. I actually don`t read novels from other genres mainly because horror-thriller novels are better than movies. If more novels in this genre were to be made as movies, I`m sure it would all be a hit. 

I was actually going to write here that my favorite would be Velocity by Dean Koontz since he`s my favorite writer but Song of Kali moved me. Not that Koontz didn`t, it`s just that this is the only book I`ve read thrice in a span of months and I still want to reread and reread. 

I`m actually proud of this book. I kinda want all of my friends to read it.

Much love,

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