13 Jan 2014

Day 10: where are you from?

I am from Manila, Philippines. If you haven`t been here, you`re missing a lot of great people and spots here especially the beaches! Beaches, not bitches. 

One thing that I could hate is the looks I get since I dress out of the norm. I really wish locals would be more understanding, fashion-wise. It`s not that I judge the way people dress because that`s the way they are, it`s that I wish people won`t take it negatively when a girl walks past them wearing a different silhouette. I think I`ve found my bravado.

Okay, I really can`t say much about where I`m from since Manila`s such a diverse city. Whether you`re a local or a foreigner, for sure you`ll love it here the first time around.

Much love,

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