4 Jan 2014

Day 2: Favorite Food

Lasagna isn`t something I have everyday — it`s something I want when I want to celebrate or to relax. For me, lasagna is festive. It`s my comfort food. 

I don`t know when it started but I know that I am in love with lasagna. I even have a few stories to share with them. First was my best friend Michaela`s sweet 16th, a couple of years ago. I helped her plan out the food and of course, lasagna was the first choice. I remember sitting on the long dining table at their home with all of our friends and her mother exclaiming "Hey, Jia gets the first slice. She requested for this." It was funny yet heartwarming, to be honest.

Another just happened months ago, just last June 2013. I tweeted one Saturday afternoon, "bring me lasagna so I know it`s real". It wasn`t really that serious because I didn`t want to be such a confident gal so I just brushed it off as a random tweet. The following Monday, my then-suitor-now-boyfriend picked me up after work with, nonetheless, a box of a lasagna! Total win moment. I got a hard time finishing the lasagna he gave me though cause I was still shy and conscious back then but it was AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! Now, do you have an idea how much lasagna means to me?

Much love, 

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